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Huasca Sierra Verde
Huasca Sierra Verde
Huasca Sierra Verde

Magical Town Huasca de Ocampo

Huasca Sierra Verde - Pueblo mágico Huasca de Ocampo

Huasca de Ocampo is recognized as the first magical town in Mexico in 2001.

Surrounded by the nature of the forest, Huasca will captivate your emotions with its characteristic colors and it’s facades in reddish tones. It’s ideal to walk it’s cobbled streets and acquire crafts or capture amazing photographs.

Basaltic prisms

Huasca Sierra Verde - Prismas basálticos

Considered one of the “13 Natural Wonders of Mexico”, the basaltic prisms are hexagonal rocky columns that were originated by lava currents that cooled and acquired their shape; due to the crossing of multiple rivers millions of years ago.

These beautiful creations of nature are located along an impressive ravine where the dam’s water generate four waterfalls. In addition, you will find crafts from the regions as you walk a path to contemplate the beauty of the area.

Trout Forest

Huasca Sierra Verde - Bosque de las truchas

The Trout Forest is named for being the ideal place for fishing this specie, also you can enjoy a mysterious landscape surrounded by water with its jade blue tones.

Rocks from air

Huasca Sierra Verde - Peña del aire

Captivate yourself with the breathtaking view that this landscape offers to adventurers and nature lovers, where the vagaries of nature are reflected in it’s maximum expression.

It’s a scenario where you can see a huge stone that gives the sensation of being suspended in the air, makes you think and reflect on the splendor of its ecosystem and nature.

Real del Monte

Huasca Sierra Verde - Real del Monte

Just a few minutes from Huasca de Ocampo, the magical town of “Real del Monte” is located, a place that preserves mining history in its museums and English architecture, where gastronomy like “pastry maker” is a must to enjoy during your stay.