Team buildings

Huasca Sierra Verde - Integraciones

Strengthen the relationship with your coworkers outside the office and surrounded with nature, living a unique experience with them in Huasca Sierra Verde.

Our corporate team buildings stimulate teamwork, concentration, trust, leadership and companionship through various activities outdoors including the Magic Forest of the Elves.


Huasca Sierra Verde - Integraciones

We understand the importance of a conference and what it implies, here at Huasca Sierra Verde we have several spaces as gardens or indoors according to your needs. Either you have a product release, launching a new service or trainings with your team members, this could be your perfect venue. Our facilities will make a difference for your audience to live a different experience.


Huasca Sierra Verde - Integraciones

There are moments in our lives that should be highlighted such as, closing a deal, a business dinner, celebrating a birthday, new year’s eve or Christmas and honor them with a special place. Don’t worry and leave it to us, we have the experience to make magic.


Huasca Sierra Verde - Integraciones

In Huasca Sierra Verde our focus is to help you provide your best congress and meet your goals. Our extensive gardens and green areas allow us to transform them into various settings to create the environment that your congress requires, regardless of the number of visitors or exhibitors.