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Bosque mágico

Eco  Friendly

Being participants in sustainable tourism is essential in the management model of the Hotel & Glamping HSV, for this reason we have implemented a series of environmentally-friendly measures with the aim of reducing the impact of our activities on the planet, as well as for the preservation of natural resources and the development of our community.

Ecotourism in the Hotel is lived from the first moment, since it is designed to enjoy contact with nature and the coniferous forest that surround the tourist complex. In addition to various activities such as walks with local legends, bicycle rides, outdoor games, zip line and contemplative spaces surrounded by gardens and tranquility.

Our actions

Garbage separation: The objective is the decomposition of organic waste for the generation of compost, which in turn allows us to fertilize part of our gardens. In addition to guaranteeing the final destination of inorganic waste for recycling.

Rainwater Catchment: In the rainy season, the use of water is sought by reusing it for irrigation, which is why a specific space was designed for said collection. We also use the space as a house for a family of ducks and koi carps.

Wastewater Treatment: Through a biodigester system, our wastewater is treated in an ecological way, to be reused with quality for watering some of our gardens.

Energy Saving: We have implemented special programs to reduce electricity consumption and we heat the water in the rooms and swimming pools through solar panels.

Use of biodegradable products: We substitute common materials for others that are biodegradable, such as soaps, cleaning products, stationery and food containers.