Huasca Sierra Verde

Social Events

Bautizando al niño

What is the time came to baptize one of the small of the house? Definitely a moment to celebrate, and here in Huasca Sierra Verde we have everything you need for you and your guests have a great celebration in this event. We have activities for children and children´s menu.[…]

Feliz cuempleaños

Celebrate your birthday in Huasca Sierra Verde. Of course, will be an event to remember and in addition you and your guests can have fun before and after the party, as we have activities and attractions for you and your guests and have a great experience with us. Installations and[…]

XV años tennis rosas

In Huasca Sierra Verde we have the facilities and everything needed to make Sweet XV celebrations. Of course, the party will be an unforgettable event, but we also have activities and services to make your guests spend pleasant moments before and after the celebration. Among the activities that we offer[…]

Boda a campo abierto

En nuestro hotel puedes organizar tu boda y darle una gran experiencia a tus invitados con nuestras actividades, servicios e instalaciones.

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