Huasca Sierra Verde


Glamping Kids

Would you like to share moments and recreational activities that promote teamwork and tolerance? . Here we teach you how to learn all those things in a fun way and practice these educational events, we will revisit the values that form a person. Through the help of the fantastic creatures[…]

Gradución de escuela


Huasca Sierra Verde is the best place to finish a stage and welcome to another, because it is a 100 % positive and fill you good luck for you to continue your way. Many details characterize your graduation, we have packages that include : Formal Dinner With upscale decor ,[…]

Yoga a campo abierto


Yoga means “union”, here we help you to synchronize your body, soul and mind to work for the well-being of your body, breathing pure air, with the unique sound of the air and the smell of nature, you cannot miss this option of total relaxation.



Activities of meditation are excellent medicine for your body so that to meditate you enter in a state where the mind dissolves and is free to their own thoughts, in group or individual loans you’d and the spaces for your body to release these tensions of daily life.

Espiritualidad en grupo

Spiritual Retreats

The retirements such as its name says are activities that help you to get away from your worries, work, school and forget things that cause stress, our organizers are professionals in these types of events since they work in sync with your needs and expectations of these activities.

Nado triatlón, turismo de portivo


Triathlon Our facilities are suitable for a triathlon, in the event we decided bolted together for running, swimming, cycling and to maximize your physical capacity.

Badera de ellegada a la meta


Test your skills with activities such as  rally’s in our installations we have trails, green areas, circuits, and obstacles you will have to face too for this exciting event.

Ciclismo de montaña - turismo deportivo


We are prepared for any type of competition and the races are included, take your tennis and participate with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, etc., moments of harmony, we offer you our mountain biking circuit.

Congreso borroso y microfono


The extensive green areas we have, and the spaces in general, are ideal to be processed in different scenarios by creating the ideal environment for execute congresses, no matter the number of visitors and exhibitors, we will take care of your company reach the objectives of their events.


Celebrate festivities, Christmas dinners, these special moments are a requirement for a successful business integration, create strong ties between partners to learn more. Our team take care that all the details to make your event special.